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Valence St Renovation

Garden District renovation we completed for one of our favorite clients. This client has an amazing eye for details and wonderful inspiration. From start to finish this project became a favorite among many. 

Our client wanted a master suite that stood out amongst the crowd. From imported marble for the master bathroom, to custom tapestry for the bedroom, it surely stands out as a beauty. All custom cabinetry was built for the master bed canopy as well as the master vanity. Faux finishes surround the small details in this area to make things sutely catch your eye. We created a intricate detail for the entrance into the master closet which also allows for natural light to enter the closet and entrance hallway.

The main library was also re-imagined with a vibrant green shade a paint that brought life back into his subtle space. Now lined with books, this space truely encompasses what a library should be.

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